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This spacious house apartment with two terrace and sea view is located in place Kornic on island Krk Kornic overlooks the small town of Punta on Kosljun with its monastery and Kosljun Bay Puntarska draga and it belongs to the province of town Krk Town Krk is place with a typical Mediterranean surrounding narrow streets numerous cultural monuments and picturesque pebble beaches which comprise the look it has had for centuries If you would like to get acquainted with its history you can visit its walls Kamplin square city hall city gate Splendidissima Palace Volsonis cathedral bell tower church of Our Lady of Health church of St Joseph St Dunat and many others Those interested in sports can enjoy scuba diving cycling walking trails mini golf table tennis beach volleyball basketball handball and soccer
Plaats: Kornic

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Naam Topic Travel
PlaatsDen Haag
Aantal zoekertjes6.736
Sinds4 Juli 2007 19:21

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